Your Child Is Invited To Their First Dance Class For Only $10!

Dance is an amazing way for children to gain Self-Confidence, develop strong Work Ethic, and learn to be a Team Player.

Interested in dancing this fall season? Check us out with a trial dance class!

Beginner friendly classes - no prior experience required!


Preschool Aged Classes

These classes are designed to help kids learn coordination, rhythm, and movement while burning off energy. dance classes provide a great outlet for kids to express themselves and socialize with other kids their age.

✔My Grown up and Me (Ages 2-3)

✔Pre-Ballet (ages 2)


Elementary Aged Classes

Come join our fun and exciting dance class for children ages 5 & up! Our talented and caring instructors will provide your child with the opportunity to learn a variety of dance styles, from ballet to jazz.

✔Ballet/Jazz Monday (Ages 5-7)

✔Ballet/Tap Saturday (Ages 5-7)

✔Jazz/Tap, Ballet, Contemporary (Ages 8-10)

We’re more than just a dance studio. Here’s why our students love us so much.

Children Gain Self-Confidence

We create a comfortable learning environment for children to grow as dancers and individuals.

Children Develop Relationships

Our classes help children form relationships with peers and instructors.

Children Build Work Ethic

Dance helps teach important life skills that stay for the rest of their lives!

We Have a Dance Studio Located in Charlotte!

We teach traditional and trending dance styles. You'll be amazed how much confidence your child will gain as they learn new skills.

10039 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262, USA

Upstage Center of Performing Arts

7627 Batavia Ln, Charlotte NC 28213


Phone: (980) 288-5721